Mvalor Group | Karyn
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Manager: Karyn


Born in Baltimore, MD, Karyn moved to Arlington, VA to attend college. She attended Marymount University where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design. In October of 2010 she moved to New York City where she worked with some of the top leading names in the fashion industry. After feeling like she hit a glass ceiling in the fashion industry, she decided to move back to her hometown in 2013 to continue to grow professionally and eventually start her own business. In April of 2013, Karyn became involved with the face-to-face sales and marketing industry. She began as a competitive sales representative and was promoted to a management level by July of 2015. Her goal is to provide other like-minded entrepreneurs with the same opportunity for advancement and to continue grow together! Karyn believes that through hard work and integrity, many more can achieve success in this industry.